My silly B and I

My silly B and I

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Need your prayers

Again sorry it's been so long. Computer still down :(

A lot has happened. . .

Since the transfer on 1/9, I had lab work scheduled Wed 1/19 and Friday 1/21 to check my HCG levels. HCG is the hormone your body produces when pregnant. on Wed we were looking for anything over 5 to register pregnancy and Friday the number should have been close to double Wed number.

Well Tuesday 1/18, I just couldn't take it anymore!!! So I cheated!!! I know I am such a cheater, I bought a home pregnancy test. How lame am I the day before the blood test I cheat! Anyway the home test came out POSITIVE!!!! Such an exciting feeling!

Wed 1/19 I went for my first blood test which came back nice and strong at 84. Friday 1/21 the result came back at 172. So everything is going as planned!!! My next blood test at this point will the following Friday and every Friday for the next month just to monitor my levels.

Saturday1/22 in the later afternoon, I started getting cramps and pain in my left hip area. I tried to just get through it but couldn't. My neighbor took me to the emergency room Saturday night about 10:30. The pain was horrific! I couldn't stop moving, I couldn't be still.

The Er Dr did ultrasounds. Which by the way was one of the craziest experiences ever. they did both a vaginal and belly ultra sound. at this point the embryo are only 4 weeks old so we couldn't see them but they wanted to check everything out. For my belly ultrasound they filled my blatter via a cafiter. I mean FILLED!! Like it hurt to hold it filled and the ultrasound tech is pressing on my belly!!! She said as long as I don't push the liquid will not come out. But if I push it will gush out and not through the cafiter like out around the cafiter. So duh! I didn't push!! When she was done she started removing the liquid and told me I could relax, I didn't need to hold it anymore. As soon as I relaxed the liquid started gushing out!!!!! So I am cracking up laughing and holding it once again. It hurts! and I can't stop laughing. She says it's half gone and to relax, I relax, and it starts gushing!!! So again I am in hysteria and holding it. Now she says it's empty, so I relax and it is GUSHING once again. This time I said screw it and let it gush till it was really empty.

In the ultrasound they found liquid at my left fallopian tube. The OBGYN on call says  it could be one of three things. 1. Fluid left from an erupted cyst 2. blood from an erupted cyst 3. a tubal pregnancy.

Now how is a tubal pregnancy possible with IVF? Well, the embryo are released into the uterus to find their own place to implant. It is very rare but sometimes they just travel up the fallopian tube and then implant.

At this point because the embryo are so young they can not confirm a tubal pregnancy. The Dr admits me for observation. If my pain does not decrease then they will scope to either determine tubal or not. I am freaking out. As well as exhausted because now it is about 4:30 in the morning. So not only have I not slept, but just in case they need to scope, I am not not allowed to eat.

The Dr finally returns Sunday night about 8 and says I will be released Monday morning and now I can eat. The cafeteria is closed!!!! I am starving and the cafeteria is closed!!!! I am very lucky, My good friends bring my In N Out. That's right! Just what the starved tummy needs! talk about the meal ever!!!

So good news, not tubal. Bad news, I have one more cyst. The cyst feeds off hormones, so I am literally feeding it and waiting for it to erupt.

Good morning Wed! Good morning other cyst erupting!!!! Really!!!! I have only been to work one day this week and your going to erupt? I go to work anyway knowing that I will need to leave early once the pain peaks. But I go in because there are things I NEED to get done. I get them done and in tears leave for the day. Call my daughters father and ask him to pick her up and I go home to ride through the pain. Again I am completely out for two days.

Ok Friday! It's over, No more cysts, going for lab work, then going to work.

My HCG levels are low :( This could mean one of two things. 1. both embryo attached and my body is miscarrying one of them. 2. one embryo attached and my body is miscarrying it.

So not good. The Er OBGYN said the cysts erupting can not cause harm to the embryo, but if I am in such horrific pain, how are the embryo not effected? Yes he is a Dr and he knows more then I do as this is his field of expertise. But I find myself to be a pretty logical person. I do not see the logic in this.

And again my friends, I am asking for your prayers, your positive energy and your good thoughts. I go back in for more lab work tomorrow morning to confirm what's going on. I am praying that this family gets at least one healthy baby.

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  1. I will keep you in my prayers. Hope you are feeling better. Love ya!