My silly B and I

My silly B and I

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Transfer Tomorrow

I know I have not been keeping up. . . My computer is dead. Yes dead :(

So since I last blogged, I have started a blood thinner that i inject into my abdomen twice a day. It'd not horrible, it does burn a bit and since it is a blood thinner, I am bruising like crazy on my tummy!!! I have also started a progesterone injection every evening in my hinney/back area and I have an appt every evening w/ a neighbor to help me out. That ones not to bad either. The needle is thinner then the needle for the estrogen which I still take twice a week. So injections are good. I'll post pics of my bruised belly once my computer is back up and running :)

But the biggest news is tomorrow is our embryo transfer. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Each embryo only has a 35% chance if becoming a baby. I am so nervous that it won't take and we will be starting the process all over again. I can do the injections and the blood tests. They are nothing. But I don't want the parents to have to go through it again. This is their time. It's their turn to have their baby. I want their fight to end.

Please Please Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts tomorrow and until the 21st when we find out if the transfer worked.


  1. I was just hoping that things were going okay. I know that your computer is down. I just hope that all is well.