My silly B and I

My silly B and I

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thanks Neighbor!!!

I take an estrogen injection twice a week. If you read my last update, then you heard that I just started. Today is my second dose of estrogen and thanks to my neighbor it was a success! What would I do w/ out the fabulous support from my friends and family. My daughters father was very helpful on Friday and today my neighbor was waiting for my call to tell him I was ready! Being able to be a surrogate means so much to me and w/ out the help I receive from those close to me, I don't know if I would be able to do. Thank you!!!

More injections and fun to start next week and our embryo transfer is in a week and a half. Please keep my intended parents in your thoughts and prayers. They have been fighting and have stayed strong for so long! It's their time! Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!!! Tonight I had my daughters dad and his dad over for Christmas Eve dinner. Dinner was yummy, company was lovely. In the back of my head I can't stop thinking about my estrogen shot. Seriously folks. This needle is scary and I need to put it in my back. I have sharpie marker circle on either side of back/hinney. Now the first shot I started, Lupron, Is like a baby injection. The needle is the length of my thumb nail. Yet the first time I did that injection it took me 30 min to 45 min to pep talk myself in to getting it done. So I decided I am going to do this one by myself as well. Luckily my daughters dad was here and willing to assist, cause the me doing it by myself thing was a really bad idea!!! So I sat in the front room all prepped and ready to go. He is wrapping presents and I am leaning over the ottoman trying to convince myself to give myself the injection. He must have been irritated but whatever my pep talk worked for him!!! So I walked him through it and in the end I invited him to come back over on Tuesday when I need another estrogen injection :) Until then I will continue my Lupron on my own as well as my antibiotic for breakfast, my calcium for a snack 2 hours later, my prenatal for lunch, calcium for dinner, and dex, aspirin, folgard and antibiotic for bed time. Merry Christmas!!!

Next step, blood tests on the 30th and ultrasound on the 3rd. Transfer only 2 weeks away!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 11

Still taking just the one injection at night. Today I went into for a blood test and my hormone levels are right where they are supposed to be so. . . On Christmas Eve I start a new shot that I will need to do twice a week. This one kinda scares me. It goes in the upper part of my hinney and the needle is the length of my pinkie finger :(. I think I may need help w/ this one but we will see. I am going to try to be strong and do it on my own. It's exciting that everything is going as planned so far and crazy to me at the same time. For instance, I stopped taking birth control last Thursday the 16th and the nurse told me Mother Nature will stop by for a visit on Monday. And Monday is exactly when she came. I think that is amazing. They Tested me today and my levels are right where they want them to be, this is serious stuff!! Today I was thinking how amazing science is. Can you believe that the Dr is able to create an embryo, freeze it, thaw it out and put it in the uterus of a person who is biologically not connected. Amazing!!! Man Dr's are AMAZING!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 5 = The hormones kick in... Watch out!!!

Today is day 5 on Lupron, it is also my last day of birth control. So I will be soon getting my little women visitor from mother nature :) I'm not going to complain! After this it will be time for my body to build my lining to where it needs to be for the transfer in a few weeks. Now on to my fabulous day . . .

My day started a little dramatic. My daughter and her father were leaving after school to go out of town for a week. My daughter has been very excited about going out of town, but she is very very sad about missing her polar express holiday party at Kindergarten. So the morning started w/ tears, not fit tears, sad tears. Her sad tears make Mommy sad :(. Today I almost cried w/ her. But hey she is my baby and she is sad, no cause for alarm. I get to work and I am in a mood. I chalk it up to a long morning, but can tell there is an underlining issue because the mood WILL NOT fade. But I made it through the work day. That is until I got to my car, took a deep breath, started my car, heard Lady A on the radio and started crying??? Why am I crying while Lady A is singing about the bar??? I made it home safely. I later decided that since Bella is out of town I am not making dinner, I am going to drive through In N Out. Yum!!! What??? I cried the whole way there??? I cried while I ordered??? I decided I need to tell someone about how crazy I am right now. I text a couple friends. A good friend of mine replied calling me a very inappropriate, very not pc name. It's ok cause it's him and it's kinda of an inside joke. The next message asked if I was now laughing instead of crying. So now the In N Out drive through people are looking at me like I am crazy. First I am balling my eyes out and now I am cracking up laughing. At the window the lady forgot to give me my drink, I politely said "Um, can I get my 7-Up?" She looks at me weird and hands it to me. I say " Thank you! You almost made me cry!!!" By the way this is me being funny. She makes a little fake laugh as I drive away. Hey In N Out, I know I am a hot mess today it's ok, lets laugh about it!!!

Wooooo, I'm chalking today up to hormones!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Second Day = Easier then the first!!!

So I am new to this blogging thing!!! Yes all my posts are updated as of today because my silly butt saved them all as drafts. So if your wondering, yesterday 12/12 was when I started my injections. :) The needle for this injection is about the length of my thumb nail. It's a baby needle. So why did it take me 30 min to finally give myself the injection??? I kept giving myself pep talks, I would start to count and only get to 2, but I did it. IT WAS NOTHING!!! Literally can barely feel it! Like I said it's a baby needle! Tonight so much easier! Rubbed the vial w/ rubbing alcohol pad, filled the syringe, rubbed my belly w/ rubbing alcohol pad and stuck that sucker in! I feel like a champ!!! Next step, I stop my birth control pills on Thursday and have a blood test next week. Then on Christmas eve, I add to my daily regimen a second and third injection and a pill :)

Merry Christmas!!!!

Hormones start today!!!

Today is a big day! I start my first injections. This is very exciting, i will be taking injections and a mix of hormone pills for almost 4 weeks and then it's embryo transfer time. :) I'm a bit anxious but also extremely excited! I have to be consistent w/ the what time of day I do my injections. I have decided the best time will be after Bella goes to bed. The hardest thing for me today is the anticipation. But I have a lot going on today to keep me busy! I work and then I get to go to a holiday party w/ the surrogacy agency. This will be my first time getting to meet the amazing ladies in my area going through or have been through what I am. Very exciting :) Here's to a great day!!

Test Results

Whooo. . . So my uterus and cervix are good to go!!! I was informed that I have a blood clotting disorder on Saturday, December 4th. It scared the crap out of me. Its called MTHFR. It turns out it's not as scary as I thought :) I'm taking a few more vitamins and an extra injection because of it, but I am good to go!!! Hormones should start in about a week. Wish me luck!!!

And it starts...

If you knew me you would know, I love babies, being a parent, family, family bonds and caring for others. I feel that family is something everyone should have. It saddens me that there are so many children born and not wanted, Left behind or kept and regretted. On the same level there are amazing people who want, need and deserve to be parents and for one reason or another are unable to make that happen on their own. Through my 27 years I have witnessed children having children who didn't have the proper resources to raise a child. I have witnessed adults having children who could not take care of themselves let alone a child. I have witnessed family and friends who were as prepared as can be and either not be able to have the children the family the deserve or had to fight like hell to get the family they deserve. Back in 2003 I decided I wanted to be a part of that fight. I found two ways I could do that, one, being an egg donor, two, being a surrogate. Number 2 was not an option, as to be a surrogate you must have carried a child to term. I registered to be an egg donor. I was registered for about a year when I found I was pregnant w/ my own angel Isabella. Of course with that I removed myself from the registry. I was blessed w/ an amazing daughter. Isabella is currently 5. She is my heart. She is funny, she already has her own opinions, she is caring, she wants to share everything she has w/ everyone. We were at the store about a year ago, there was an older lady in a wheel chair, Isabella walked over to her and asked her if she needed help. The lady was amazed and praised Isabella and her manners. Before Isabella walked back to me she told the lady how beautiful she was. This was when I realized that it was time for me to go back to my option number 2. I could have done this earlier and Isabella would have been emotionally okay w/ it because she would have be oblivious to exactly what was going on. She is now at an age where she can be a part it and see the humanity in it. It is our job has parents to teach our children, not just whats in the books, but to teach them life. How to socialize, how to share, when to use your manners, morals, boundaries. I am grateful that I have Isabella by my side so together we can truly learn and grow.

In January of this year I started my surrogacy research. In May I found an agency that I believe in and filled out my application. Shortly after I started my screening. It started by meeting the agent in my area. She is an amazing women, raising beautiful children, who has helped 2 families w/ their fight to grow. I then went through a physiological screening. I then met an amazing couple who has battled to have the family they want and deserve, and I am honored that I have been asked to help w/ their fight. Yesterday I had my medical screening. My cervix and uterus have past the test! We are currently waiting on my blood tests and then we will be good to go! Welcome to my journey...

Posting to come once blood tests come back!!!