My silly B and I

My silly B and I

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 11

Still taking just the one injection at night. Today I went into for a blood test and my hormone levels are right where they are supposed to be so. . . On Christmas Eve I start a new shot that I will need to do twice a week. This one kinda scares me. It goes in the upper part of my hinney and the needle is the length of my pinkie finger :(. I think I may need help w/ this one but we will see. I am going to try to be strong and do it on my own. It's exciting that everything is going as planned so far and crazy to me at the same time. For instance, I stopped taking birth control last Thursday the 16th and the nurse told me Mother Nature will stop by for a visit on Monday. And Monday is exactly when she came. I think that is amazing. They Tested me today and my levels are right where they want them to be, this is serious stuff!! Today I was thinking how amazing science is. Can you believe that the Dr is able to create an embryo, freeze it, thaw it out and put it in the uterus of a person who is biologically not connected. Amazing!!! Man Dr's are AMAZING!!!

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