My silly B and I

My silly B and I

Monday, December 13, 2010

And it starts...

If you knew me you would know, I love babies, being a parent, family, family bonds and caring for others. I feel that family is something everyone should have. It saddens me that there are so many children born and not wanted, Left behind or kept and regretted. On the same level there are amazing people who want, need and deserve to be parents and for one reason or another are unable to make that happen on their own. Through my 27 years I have witnessed children having children who didn't have the proper resources to raise a child. I have witnessed adults having children who could not take care of themselves let alone a child. I have witnessed family and friends who were as prepared as can be and either not be able to have the children the family the deserve or had to fight like hell to get the family they deserve. Back in 2003 I decided I wanted to be a part of that fight. I found two ways I could do that, one, being an egg donor, two, being a surrogate. Number 2 was not an option, as to be a surrogate you must have carried a child to term. I registered to be an egg donor. I was registered for about a year when I found I was pregnant w/ my own angel Isabella. Of course with that I removed myself from the registry. I was blessed w/ an amazing daughter. Isabella is currently 5. She is my heart. She is funny, she already has her own opinions, she is caring, she wants to share everything she has w/ everyone. We were at the store about a year ago, there was an older lady in a wheel chair, Isabella walked over to her and asked her if she needed help. The lady was amazed and praised Isabella and her manners. Before Isabella walked back to me she told the lady how beautiful she was. This was when I realized that it was time for me to go back to my option number 2. I could have done this earlier and Isabella would have been emotionally okay w/ it because she would have be oblivious to exactly what was going on. She is now at an age where she can be a part it and see the humanity in it. It is our job has parents to teach our children, not just whats in the books, but to teach them life. How to socialize, how to share, when to use your manners, morals, boundaries. I am grateful that I have Isabella by my side so together we can truly learn and grow.

In January of this year I started my surrogacy research. In May I found an agency that I believe in and filled out my application. Shortly after I started my screening. It started by meeting the agent in my area. She is an amazing women, raising beautiful children, who has helped 2 families w/ their fight to grow. I then went through a physiological screening. I then met an amazing couple who has battled to have the family they want and deserve, and I am honored that I have been asked to help w/ their fight. Yesterday I had my medical screening. My cervix and uterus have past the test! We are currently waiting on my blood tests and then we will be good to go! Welcome to my journey...

Posting to come once blood tests come back!!!

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  1. I am amazing on the journey that your taking. I find it heart warming that you are doing this for a family in need of a little life of there own. This is something I always thought about doing. I cant wait to follow you on this amazing journey and hear all about it.